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July 19th, 2018

From a young age Esther would boss George around. Whether it be dressing him up in girl's clothes and a full face of make-up, or deciding what 'shop' he would run when they played 'town'. Esther was destined to create and George was destined to be dragged along with her. Of course, until the age of at least 10, George had very little creativity to speak of. All he knew was that in any game he wanted to be called James

the coolest name.

All other details, who his character was, where he was, what time it was, or who he was, were inconsequential. Over the next 10 years the siblings formed a writing partnership which would explore everything from songs through to scripts and stories. By 24 and 27 they had achieved little but George was finally awake, very much awake, and who he was had become a much more pressing question....Esther and George had pretended to be Wolves when they were little; every other pop group names themselves something inane and non-sensical, so they thought F**k it why not? To create is to be a child again and children they will be!

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